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Historical News Item

On the 16th May, 2012, three medically retired police officers gave verbal evidence to the Western Australian Government's Community Development and Justice Standing Committee which was investigating the toll of trauma on emergency service workers. After giving evidence the three officers where given an apology by the Parliamentarians and the People of Western Australia for how they had been treated.

In their evidence the officers also revealed many other medically retired WA Police Officers were suffering physical and psychological injuries many years after being discharged from the organisation with little or no after service support, which was leaving many feeling isolated, alone and abandoned

Because of a legal technicality none were eligible to be paid compensation for their pain suffering and loss of future earnings potential. It was pointed out some injured officers officers were getting significantly better outcomes than others based on their media coverage.

After appearing in the West Australian Newspaper, the officers were regularly contacted by other injured and ill former and serving WA police officers seeking assistance. As the numbers increased it became obvious something needed to be done to raise the awareness of what was happening. The Medically Retired Western Australian Police Officers Association was incorporated on 29th of April 2013.

Government announces Redress Scheme

Saturday, 13 October 2018 $16 million to recognise and acknowledge treatment of medically retired officers Former Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan APM to chair assessment panel The McGowan Government has announced a Redress Scheme for police officers medically retired due to a work-related illness or injury. The $16 million scheme will involve a tailored, ex gratia-type payment to recognise their service and acknowledge the circumstances and treatment of some ill or injured former officers. The redress scheme will open in the new year and all applications will be assessed by a panel. The scheme has been designed to ensure the process of applying is straightforward and not legalistic. The scheme provides for a maximum payment of $150,000. Police Minister Michelle Roberts today announced the panel would be chaired by former Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan APM. Dr O'Callaghan will be joined by other panel members, Susan Barrera and Ljiljana Cvijic. Ms Barrera is a former director general of the Department of Communities and an experienced industrial relations practitioner. Ms Cvijic is a retired senior sergeant with more than 40 years of distinguished service in the WA Police Force. Dr O'Callaghan will meet with stakeholders including the Medically Retired Police Officers Association and WA Police Union over coming weeks. Since coming to office, the Government has been working hard to develop a scheme to provide a fair, equitable and appropriate recompense to recognise the indignity and treatment of some medically retired police officers. The Minister is currently progressing reforms to provide a more dignified process and legal framework to medically retired officers. Comments attributed to Police Minister Michelle Roberts: "I am pleased to be able to provide some recognition to officers medically retired due to a workplace injury or illness. "This is not a compensation scheme, it will provide recognition and an ex gratia payment to acknowledge past treatment of medically retired former officers. "This hasn't occurred in any other jurisdictions and I'm proud that our Government has moved to recognise these officers."