Crown Accommodation Offer

MRWAPOA in partnership with Crown Resorts are proud to offer recipients and their families special room rates for their special day.

Rates are Effective Monday 9th ant Tuesday 10th December.

As Secretary I worked in close partnership with 'Crown Perth' to facilitate discount overnight accommodation for recipients of their Honourable Discharge Certificates and their families.

As my final act in the position, I am proud to present the offer and I congratulate all those attending the ceremonies and thank you for your service.

MarkGlenn Harmony

Please click here for booking information

** Please note room rates are exclusively available online and the weblink will remain open until 7 days prior to the ceremony, after this time the discount rate will no longer be available.

A flyer including terms and conditions can be found here.

A Formal Voice

  • For decades, sick and injured medically retired West Australian police officers have been treated like expendable items that could be easily and cheaply replaced without any compensation for their suffereings.
  • Many were simply cut loose into isolation and despair, with nobody caring what happened to them.
  • The Association aims to bring together as many of these former officers as possible, so they can create a formal voice to raise the awareness of their poor treatment and seek redress.

Our Committee

Joe Shaw


Geoff Milton

Vice President

Wendy Kennedy


Wendy Kennedy


Joe Shaw

Public Affairs Director