Bali Retreat

A Village Setting Far Far Away From Somewhere.

First the Legal Stuff

This is not a paid advertisement nor is the Medically Retired West Australian Police Officers Association responsible for any errors or omissions, and or liability what so ever, tacid or overt... you get the drift!

The Story So Far

Hi my name is Steve Guy and I was a sworn Police Officer for over 20 years. I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD, Depression, Alcoholism and likened to a Mexican Bandit given the number of cigarettes I smoke... that was back in 1995.

Today I live in Indonesia, Baluk Rening to be precise about 100km North of Bali International Airport. It's a long way from "Somewhere" but definately not "Nowhere". Certainly quiet, layback, and peaceful (when the dog isn't being crazy) and has allowed me to live a simple life although we do have Electricity, TV and the Internet, hot water is a bit of an ask.

We operate as a Commercial Homestay, and a working farm, complete with flies, bugs and things that slither and crawl but you get that in the jungle.

Many Association Members are in a worse state of disrepair than I am and a few do travel hence with the approval of the Association to utilise this webspace we would like to make this offer:

Rumah Pulau Saya (My Island Home) offers to Association Members and immediate family a place to stay, to relax, to eat farm fresh food (on a cost only recovery basis). If you feel like getting away from everyone in a non judgemental, non denominalional enviroment, with a crazy dog and lots of animals, close to the Ocean then it's here if you want to come stay.

If it sparks an interest, please visit our website By Clicking Here

You will find our contact details on the website and we will be happy to supply further details on a one to one basis.

Rumah Pulau Saya