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Medically Retired Western Australian Police Officers Association Inc.

On the 16th May, 2012, three medically retired police officers gave verbal evidence to the Western Australian Government's Community Development and Justice Standing Committee which was investigating the toll of trauma on emergency service workers. After giving evidence the three officers where given an apology by the Parliamentarians and the People of Western Australia for how they had been treated.

In their evidence the officers also revealed many other medically retired WA Police Officers were suffering physical and psychological injuries many years after being discharged from the organisation with little or no after service support, which was leaving many feeling isolated, alone and abandoned Because of a legal technicality none were eligible to be paid compensation for their pain suffering and loss of future earnings potential. It was pointed out some injured officers officers were getting significantly better outcomes than others based on their media coverage.

After appearing in the West Australian Newspaper, the officers were regularly contacted by other injured and ill former and serving WA police officers seeking assistance. As the numbers increased it became obvious something needed to be done to raise the awareness of what was happening. The Medically Retired Western Australian Police Officers Association was incorporated on 29th of April 2013.

A Formal Voice

  • For decades, sick and injured medically retired West Australian police officers have been treated like expendable items that could be easily and cheaply replaced without any compensation for their suffereings.
  • Many were simply cut loose into isolation and despair, with nobody caring what happened to them.
  • The Association aims to bring together as many of these former officers as possible, so they can create a formal voice to raise the awareness of their poor treatment and seek redress.

Our Committee

David Bentley


Wayne Mathews

Vice President

James Yates


Peter Jaremczuk


David Bryan


Laura Menhennett


John Rinaldi